Friday, March 6, 2009

Startling but Familiar

The letter reproduced in the previous post includes this all too common assertion:

I believe government should not interfere in a woman's right to choose and medical decisions are between a woman and her doctor.

We've been hearing and reading this sentiment for nearly a half-century. However, as familiar as these "beliefs" may be, there is something profoundly inhuman about them, especially the second: "medical decisions are between a woman and her doctor."

Does any woman think of an abortionist as really "her" physician? The abortion doctor is there for the woman for only one reason: to end her pregnancy. The decision to end the nascent life in her womb is not a matter of debate between an expectant woman and the medics with the anaesthetic, the chemicals, and the tools.

There is something chilling about not "interfering"; the congressperson's assertion could be restated as:

I believe that we should leave unfortunately pregnant women to fend for themselves. They got themselves in this situation. They should seek out the panacea of abortion without any concern from anyone else. Send them off alone to a cold, sterile place to make this trivial decision.
Is this what we have come to: preserving the convenience of some by isolating and ignoring the many? What a callous, shocking attitude towards women. Isn't this idea really misogynism in its cold, lifeless heart-of hearts?

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