Sunday, April 22, 2012

So it's a puzzle... A parish in St. Paul, MN, on Sunday has the following: No Crucifix in the Sanctuary. No deacon, despite two listed in the bulletin, sort of. No penitential rite, nor no sprinkling rite ('tis Easter Season); Gloria is terminated after praising the Father; Son and Spirit remain unacknowledged. Alleluia is truncated with nonspecified verse. Gospel is proclaimed by celebrant, followed by brief homily, and no creed. Vessels are already on altar. Following Eucharistic Prayer II (of course), extraordinary ministers "take" hosts from celebrant. He receives both species as they consume. No ushers direct Communion pattern. Over in 42 minutes, including children who receive First Communion under species of bread only. Beautiful worship space; questionable liturgy.

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